New Year Resolutions. Are they really worth the effort?

by | Jan 6, 2017 | General Knowledge

A good friend of mine told me “I’m not making New Year Resolutions this year”. Said in public, that statement opened-up a whole movement of people who decided 2017 is the year for NOT making resolutions. To be honest, this shocked me a little. However, 30 something years into my life, I am a little over resolutions myself. Why are they so BORING? Why do we have to put PRESSURE on ourselves? Why do we have to set ourselves up for POTENTIAL FAILURE?

Whilst I am over new year resolutions to some degree, I also feel the natural life/death/life cycle of things. Coming to the end of the year is a natural closing process. Starting a new year is a ‘new start process, a clean slate, new energy. So, for me, there is a natural process of reflection on what is closing and then a progression into ideas around “what would I like to do differently?”

2016 was equally painful as it was joyful for me. However, I found myself repeating patterns that I have been repeating for years.  This is one of the benefits of reflecting on the closing year. Reflection allows me to:


Find patterns of repeated behaviour


Remember awesome moments that I would like have again


Reflect upon whether I took my son on enough adventures


Reflect upon my surfing performance and board choices


Reflect upon areas within myself that have grown and developed and still need to work on


Reflect upon my business and how well it is performing

Whilst pondering on 2016, I began this natural process of creating (dare I say it) new resolutions for 2017. You see, I found that there is quite a natural flow process to it. I am looking forward to more camping trips, more surf trips, more travel, more time with family, improving my strength as a person and stepping up the business. Thankfully through this process, the exhaustion of 2016 has been replaced with new energy and excitement for 2017.  Hope and optimism for a joyful year. We all need some of that, right?

There is no right or wrong here. We all sing life to our own tune. However, resolutions help us to tune in more, and have more influence on the song we sing. Resolutions allow us to have focus. Focus is ever so important in a world where we are distracted with social media. Resolutions allow us to prioritise. What really is important here? Is what I am doing taking me closer to where I want to be in 2017? Without that check point, it would be easy to get lost.

I am not convinced that New Year Resolutions should be a chore. I enjoy completing them as a natural and flowing process. I am a visual person too. My resolutions are scribbled into big connecting circles over a large A3 piece of paper. I like to take the seriousness out of it. I add a bit of colour, some highlights and then voila! One bright big shiny sense of direction.

New Year Resolutions allow us to reflect and close off one year and then inject new energy into the new year. ‘Out with the old and in with the New”. I can still see the benefits of new year resolutions. I think the importance is to keep the process fun and enjoyable. Get crafty and see what you can come up with. Maybe I can even convince my friend they are a good idea if I bring around some coloured pens!

Happy New Beginnings every one

Article by Candice Land, Enitor Exercise Physiology

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