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At Enitor, we want people to live a fulfilling and happy life. We help people achieve this through exercise prescription that promotes good health and optimal performance. Health is the vehicle that allows you to achieve anything in life. That next trophy, that next adventure, that return to occupation cannot be achieved if your health, performance and well-being are compromised.


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What You Can Expect

Our practitioners use specialised assessment tools to listen to what your body has to say. We improve how the segments of your body communicate and work together. From your first session you will feel stronger, faster, lighter, more explosive, more fluid.

surfer straining back to stay on board
candice land working with a patient on the world surf tour
understanding the body

We Examine Your Posture & Movement

Start to understand what your body is telling you. Your injury history, symptoms and how you are moving can all be seen within your posture. Our postural screening and functional movement screens will identify where you are weak, strong and disconnected. Discovering these clues, will help you gain greater understanding of your body.

every part matters

We Look At The Total Picture

Understand that every part of you matters – from your lifestyle and living environment to your workplace and emotional wellbeing. You are more than just a ‘physical injury’ or ‘a body with pain’. We utilise the whole picture to understand other drivers in your performance, before designing a strategy to fulfil your body’s requirements.

candice land working with a patient focusing on correct posture

we focus on you

Our team wants to know about your aspirations, what excites you in life and where you want to go. Let us help you achieve your goals, with meaningful exercise strategies that are uniquely tailored to your priorities. We will help you properly prepare for that next cycling adventure, preform better in your next surfing competition, work with less pain and move with more confidence so you can book that hiking trip
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Training with Candice has been exciting, rewarding and successful. Candice is constantly assessing mobility and stability, giving each session more focus, while still keeping things fresh and fun! Being a talented athlete herself, Candice has experienced what it takes to perform at the top level and gives her best in helping her athletes reach their goals.

– Freya Plumm, Pro Surfer

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?